Recruitment Test GitHub Repository

Recently I have been giving my talk on Imposter Syndrome at a couple of meetups.

During the talk I mention that I used recruitment tests as a way to prove to myself that I can write good code and also as an extended code kata to improve my use of proper test driven development.

A number of people have expressed an interest in having a go at these tests themselves. I thought rather than emailing them out to people that were interested, I would make a little open source project out of it.

So I have created a GitHub repository containing a collection of the recruitment test that I have enjoyed implementing. I hope you enjoy the challenges as well.

If you have completed any fun or interesting recruitment test or you company have a good recruitment test it would be great if you could add to the project with a Pull Request. See the contribution if you do want to submit a test yourself.

Imposter Syndrome Lightning Talk (Video)

I recently gave a ten minute talk about Imposter Syndrome at a Lightning Talk session organised at work. Here is the video of that talk.

I decided to give the talk because I had been suffering with Imposter Syndrome for quite some time and for a lot of that time I did not realise that other developers suffered with the same fears that I did.

I wanted to share my experiences with Imposter Syndrome.
Why it affected me?
How it affected me?
How I am attempting to get over it.
To let others that are suffering with Imposter Syndrome that it is not just them that feel like that and It is possible to get past it.

This is also the same talk I gave as a lightning talk PHP North West Conference.

I hope to extend this 10 minute lightning talk into a slightly longer talk. I am not sure it could stretch to a full hour conference slot, but I think I could get it to 30 minutes meetup talk. If anyone has a meetup they would like me to present this talk at please get in contact I would love to hear from you.